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Cassandra Snow is a tarot card reader, writer, and theater artist professionally. This website is focused on her life in tarot, with substantial references to witchcraft, LGBTQ+ community, and chronic illness.

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All the Things I'm Dreaming Up For You!

Hey all,

Well we are a week into 2019 and this is my first blog post. I spent New Year’s Day being admitted into the hospital overnight because of ongoing health issues. We still don’t know what’s wrong but we’re going to figure it out. I’m home, I’m with my cats and my extremely beloved roommate, and I’m slowly easing my way into work for the year. Which means I’m off to a slow start but I’m determined to have a fantastic year in all areas of my life no matter what. So as I’m dreaming and scheming and writing I thought you might want to know what to look forward to throughout the year!


For starters, I am working on several pieces about tarot and/or witchcraft aimed at artists, as well as a similar set aimed at multipassionates. I will eventually teach classes on those things this year too but I have quite a year up until the end of March, and my book comes out in May so it will be after that.

I’m also really nervous but excited to bring some original content about chronic illness and mental illness and tarot & spiritual practice. I’m nervous because I don’t ever want you to think that you shouldn’t seek medical care when that’s what you need. I don’t ever want you to think that you can wish, hope, or essential oil your way out of a serious and debilitating illness. What I DO have to offer are tips, tricks, spreads and spells for aiding the rest of your care regimen and boosting your confidence to heal and make those illnesses manageable. I’m taking my time with this and I want it to be right. It may even be ambitious for this year, but certainly I’m in the planning stages.

I am literally always prepping pieces and content about using tarot as a form of healing and empowerment, collectively and individually especially for marginalized people.

In addition to a new workbook or e-zine about one of the topics listed above, I’ll also have a Tarot Keyword List for Creatives, Radicals and Other New Age Misfits coming out in the next several weeks.

Finally, I have been promising the world an essay about my journey out of restrictive (though self-imposed) Christianity and into occultism and alternative spirituality for a long time. This is just a one of essay, and may have follow up pieces with tips and tricks along your own journey. It is coming sometime this year. This journey was so rooted in seemingly unrelated trauma and my own queerness though, and untangling it all in my own brain to make it accessible and readable to you all is something else entirely.

In the meantime, I will also be continuing the work I’m already doing. Queering the Tarot articles are getting released monthly on Patreon along with scores of other goodies. The book comes out in May. My #dailytarot series runs almost daily on Instagram, alongside other tarot content and personal posts.

Thanks for following, and thanks for continuing to support my work.

Blessed be y’all,


Whelp, That Happened

On Tuesday so many of our worst fears got confirmed. Hate, anger, and fear won--for now. What I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around spiritually is this: it shouldn't have. By which I mean Clinton won the popular vote and when you factor in third party votes or conscientious abstainers, well over half of America voted against hate. And yet our government is structured so that it won anyway. Love had numbers on it's side, and hate still won and I am still reeling from trying to place that somewhere productive in my milleu. And I know the fight isn't over. It's never over, and it's wouldn't have been over under Clinton who I enthusiastically voted for with every intention to keep her accountable on the issues I didn't agree with. The good fight has undeniably received a huge hit though, and I made a spread to follow up my pre-election post from Sunday. If it's useful to you, use it as much as you can.

This one is five cards. Deck used is this one. I started with an overarching question that many of us who have been reading about faithless electors, impeachment, and eradicating the electoral college have been thinking: is this round actually over, or is fighting worth it at this point? The Six of Earth reminds us that nothing is really over until we say it is, that there are safe places and touchstones even in the darkest times, and that fighting is always worth it. A bit vaguer of an answer that I wanted, but after reading an egregious amount of journalism, real and pseudo, over the past few days, I believe it's saying this: we should fight all the fights that are feasible to keep the Trump/Pence ticket out because it may not work this time, but it's crucial for future progressive elections and will make a huge difference in the long-term. AND we may actually see something come of it. Don't give up, have hope, and know that even if this is it, and Trump is our answer, that there are still safe places and people we can build community with now.

The next three are more straightforward and more about us and less about the election. The placements are:

  1. What do we do to cope in the immediate?
  2. How do we change our behavior so this doesn't happen again? (IE how do we stop contributing to white cisnormative heteropatriachy supremacy)
  3. What DOES the future look like right now, and how does that affect us?

The final card in this one is "What do I need to know, no matter how things turn out?" That's the top one.

This sample reading, mostly geared towards me but potentially useful to you says this: our coping mechanism is the 10 of Air, a card of tarot specifically in this case. For me, tarot has always been my healer and my saving grace. It has gotten me through major stepping stones in each of my careers. It has aided my therapy. It has given me answers, guidance, and hope when I didn't even know or think I deserved them, and so for me this is obvious: turn to the tarot like I've always done. For you it may not be tarot--the message I have for those reading based on this is turn to whatever has always healed and soothed YOU, the thing that has gotten you through crossroad after crossroad and threshold after threshold. That thing hasn't gone anywhere. So I'm going to keep flipping cards, creating art, and writing it all down to share with you. I'm going to snuggle my queerplatonic partner and my cats even harder and more often. My coffee habit is going nowhere in the immediate. And you--you do whatever the equivalent to these things is to you.

The cards then remind me to always be fair and balanced if I want to tip the scales of progress in the future. Flying off at the mouth may not be my best bet right now. For some people it absolutely will be, remember, this was primarily a personal reading. For YOU this one is about always putting your money, your carbon footprint, your mouth where your heart is. We all need to evaluate our own part in getting to this point. No white person, no cis person, no man, no straight person, no able-bodied or healthy person is completely innocent. There is more you can do and the time to evaluate that is now.

Unfortunately with the God card here, we're in for it to be a little rough for awhile. Those coping mechanisms and our community building skills are going to be crucial. We will be struggling against white supremacy and patriarchy for awhile. It's important to remember that even if somehow this vote gets overturned, this ticket has uncorked those who have been dying to act out hatred and bigotry for Goddess knows how long. That's not going to go away overnight. Getting a different president in will not solve all of our problems. We have to keep fighting back, we have to expect change to be small at first. We have to be strong and disciplined and strategic. That last keyword is just as important as the others now.

Finally, the "what do I need to know?" card gives us a card of cows and farms and "slow but steady." Remember that there is enough to go around. Do not center your movement in greed and power grabs--that's how we got here in the first place. Donate to organizations that need it if you're able. Try to live your life as normally as possible. Trust that true change takes time but hearts are softening as we speak. Your home is still your sanctuary for now, and if it isn't, there is a sanctuary for you. Find it.

BUT WAIT--while this spread gave me a ton to plan, think about, meditate on, etc. I really needed to pull one more card, to see if there was any hope that the next 4-8 years would either not be Trump or Pence-led, and if they were if there was any way it wouldn't be terrible. And the deck gave me this:

Check out that 90's-tastic fabric on my favorite ugly chair.

Check out that 90's-tastic fabric on my favorite ugly chair.

Primal matriarchal, earthy energy. Fertility, success, creation. Love. Compassion. Your Divine is still here and it is listening. Make of that what you will.

Until next time, Blessed Be.


Better Late Than Never! (Happy New Moon?)

Hey all!

So I've been blogging and social media-ing ad nauseam about how hard the past few weeks have been for so many of us, and about a week and a half ago I created this spread I've really fallen in love with. I wanted to have it up for your New Moon rituals, so you'd have some insight as your slate (hopefully) wiped clean under Aries' Moon's watchful eye. Even if tonight goes SO great but you're still having some lingering icky energy, or if you were waiting to figure out the problem before you attempted to move forward, or you just want to file away for future use, this spread should help you get to the root of major runs of bad luck or gross energy.

Appropriately, I've titled this the "WHY IS EVERYTHING A MESS?!" spread.

In case you can't read my third grade handwriting, I'll break it down for you: Four cards, the second card you lay crossing the first. Their placements indicate:

1- The root of the problem, AKA "Why is Everything a Mess"
2- Other energy in the situation that you can use or pull into solving the root issue
3-The long term solution, what's needed to keep this energy or crisis at bay forever
4-The Quick Fix--what to do, think, or change to get through your days until your energy shifts and the long term solution is well underway.

Here's my example spread. As you can see, it packs quite a punch in just four short cards. The Two of Swords is the root of my problem. In this case I am afraid to break routine, afraid to break a self-imposed stalemate between where I am now, where I'm supposed to be going, and the safety of the in-between phase. In short, my fear of success is keeping me from seeing opportunities for rebirth. I am standing on the precipice of change, and rather than taking the leap, I am waiting on the precipice for as long as possible, so of course everything's messed up. This is amplified by my crossing energy, a Two of Cups promising me love, success, and a significant gift for manifestation if I allow myself to embrace it. Law of attraction is and could be quite strong for me right now, if I but see it. The Two of Cups is also about balance and love, and it is likely that I am being asked by this crossing energy to reframe some of how I think about recent events. A lot has gone wrong--but a lot of people have really, really been there for me.

My long-term fix is deeply personal but the short version is this: there is a voice I hear every time I think I am failing or about to fail. Or succeeding or about to succeed. It is the voice of someone I don't believe believes in me judging me harshly for every single misstep, and devaluing my successes. This person in my life did at one point exist and cause very really problems for me, but now the damage is purely psychological. The cards are telling me that until I work through my fear and sadness caused by this person, I will continue to hear this voice, and it will screw me over, and it is time I get serious about taking my life back and banishing this voice once and for all. I hate how accurate this was, hate how painful it was to see splayed it, but it has been crucial in my motivation moving forward in this trying time. Luckily, my "quick fix" was easy: Don't pick up battles that aren't mine to fight. Don't get into senseless arguments, and if a burden feels to heavy, drop it. I was already doing much of this for self-care purposes, so basically if I stay on the right path where this is concerned I will get through the day-to-day okay.

Remember, a New Moon is always a good opportunity to wipe your slate clean and start over, and the fire and decisiveness of Aries can often force us too. If you're someone who's last moon phase was marked by everything falling apart, know it should ease in this time--but using this aptly titled "Why Is Everything a Mess" spread to figure out WHAT to focus on fixing has helped me and several clients get to the less painful part faster, and I hope it helps you too, reader.

Blessed be.

Vacations, Birthdays, Theatre, and Pups!

2016 has not started subtly or slowly for most of us; I hit the ground running and my March is not slowing down. I like to check in with you guys and myself every month just to remember where I've been and see where I'm going. This month my "what I've been up to" is pretty simple, everything is just big. SO here are the adventures February took me on:

  • Falling more in love with my steady tarot gig and steady writing gigs every day.
  • A birthday trip to Duluth chronicled here
  • I performed at Patrick's Cabaret--this put me back on stage (flying in the face of anxiety) to a very successful end. This was really hard for me, but something it really felt like time to do. I'm so grateful I did it and so excited to take on more opportunities where I'm creating outside of my company.
  • Speaking of my company, which is still my favorite thing in the world, we have an IndieGoGo campaign happening HERE and you know what? We're off to a slow start but we are raising money for a space where queer art can thrive--not only our own but other low-income LGBTQ+ or marginalized female's art as well so I know it's gonna take off as more press catches wind (we already have a great write-up here). We're also doing a spectacular 3-day celebration of queer art at Lush. Tickets are on sale now! They're the ones labeled "One Night Stands" on the 17th, 18th, and 20th, So grab 'em! AND finally, we're scheduling director interview and actor auditions now so if you're a theatre person rocking the Twin Cities, hit me up!
  • AND FINALLY, I moved in with the cute little dude pictured below. Don't worry--the queerplatonic partner and my beloved feline friends came with. We're staying here for four months so I can focus on YOU--my clients and readership, my writing overall, and of course my theatre work while saving up for other big life plans in the coming years. The dog, Parker, has two dads who are some of my favorite people on the planet and a super-cute couple--but one is stationed in LA getting some film work, and the other is on an academic sabbatical in Italy, so we get to invade their townhome and get our ducks in a row for a bit and take care of Parker for them.
Parker the pup is pretty happy we're here, in spite of the chaos that led up to us landing here.

Parker the pup is pretty happy we're here, in spite of the chaos that led up to us landing here.

I pick a power word and sentence/mantra every year, and my mantra came late to me this time, but I've always known this year was meant to be guided by MOVEMENT, embodying the ideals of The Chariot tarot card, and between travel, hopping back on stage, and physically moving my home I'd say I'm definitely meeting that goal. I'm really happy with how things are going, and really excited for a March full of travel, tarot, art, and animals as well.

And that's it! That's where I've been when I wasn't here! I'd love to hear where your tarot (or other) lives took you all this month. I also want to recommend jumping on the Little Red Tarot bandwagon if you haven't. Beth's work is incredible, and now she's pulled on some amazing collaborators to help make this site I'm so proud to have a small place at even better.

Until then, Blessed Be!

An Imbolc Spread

Good evening y'all! I wanted to post this earlier, but I got a little waylaid by this blizzard in Minnesota. It's so beautiful but definitely put a damper in my plans and efficiency for today.

Anyway, so for those that don't know, tonight is Imbolc. Imbolc is a Pagan holiday (or sabbat) that is associated with Brigid, one of the many Goddesses I turn too when in need of healing or wanting to give thanks for my healing process. Because Imbolc symbolizes the beginning of spring, I traditionally use the time for two purposes: to think about how and where light needs to be let back into my life, and to plant metaphorical seeds that I hope grow throughout the year.


I created this spread for myself, but really liked how it came out so I wanted to share with you all. Because I just did it for me, the artistry I added a photo of my own. It's a very straightforward spread, like the last one I posted it's just four cards, in the order you intend to read them.

Card 1 shows where you are now Card 2 shows what seeds you should planting over the next couple of days Card 3 shows how you can let more light into your life Card 4 is more information/anything else the cards think is pertinent   

Card 1 shows where you are now
Card 2 shows what seeds you should planting over the next couple of days
Card 3 shows how you can let more light into your life
Card 4 is more information/anything else the cards think is pertinent


Below is the spread in use--I'm keeping this part very brief, because a lot of things got really personal, but I did want you to see how it worked. Where I am now does show me in a 9 of Earth position, which is to say that already a lot of things are going well for me. I'm already posited for success and I'm attracting the right projects and people to continue on that track. The seeds I should be planting are ones of new ideas and projects--anything that moves me forward. This feels like a no-brainer, but this full is about new chapters as opposed to new books. So it's not wanting to switch tracks in life, it's just wanting me to take on new things within my wheelhouse. The Lovers show me how to let more light in. Normally I read this as a card of decisions being made or law of attraction or both. Those lessons still stand here, but this deck is very clear that thinking outside of the binaries or things I accept as black and white, one or the other, is crucial in that process for me right now. In general, the cards want me to get more focused and decisive, as my "things I should know" showed the King of Cups, or Air of Water. I can make emotional decisions, and the cards in no way want me to rule my emotions out--but I definitely have to be more firm when I do make decisions for my own healing or betterment. It's also okay to play my hand closer to my chest and proceed in secret goals and plans right now.

Please let me know if you have any questions in order to perform this reading for yourself as part of your Imbolc celebration or just because it's cold and snowy and you have nothing better to do.

Until then,

Blessed be.

Deck used is Egypt Urnash's queertastic "Tarot of the Silicon Dawn."

12 Totally Legit Reasons My Blog is Slow To Start

Hey all! I am so excited about this website and having a tarot/personal blog to go with my business. Already I've met so many awesome people who just Googled me or whatever, and I'm so pumped to see that grow! That being said, my high hopes for tarot, business, queer, and personal posts is clearly off to a crawl. Here's my list of excuses!

1. Stomach virus! Two days off work meant one million hours of catch up.

2. My other writing gigs. I love, love, love them and clearly work better on a deadline :/

3. My super rad theatre company needed me to make some hefty leadership decisions and I'm curating a three-day festival that took a couple days to get ahead on.

4. An influx of beautiful, wonderful clients.

5. Dog-sitting has me up and down at weird hours.

6. I'm dog-sitting. They have CABLE and a JACUZZI you guys.

7. Depression. Why lie?

8. I would say writer's block but the real reason is procrastination. I have TONS of ideas.

9. Mercury Retrograde.

10. I'm truly, very upset by the U.S. GOP Presidential race. Like "need to cover up with a blanket and hide forever" upset.

11. I forgot my password.

12. Fear of success. Or failure. Or both.

SO there you have it--12 extremely legitimate reasons why I haven't blogged since Christmas, and the actually useful info that I'm back now. Let me know if there's anything you want me to cover, queer tarot witch wise or just in general. 

Blessed be, and thanks for your patience as I get used to even having this thing.