Cassandra Snow

Compassionate. Practical. Radical.

Tarot for everyone. Yes: literally everyone.

I offer personalized readings that don't just respect your identity, but understand it as crucial in accessing the best reading possible. I'm thrilled to offer transformative experiences for (for example) queer, kinky, or poly clients as well as those of all faiths. Furthermore, I don't just welcome everyone at my table, I celebrate them and hope to help them heal old wounds and get empowered for their future.

Cassandra Snow, Tarot Reader

I asked a question I had been afraid to ask for a while, and Cassandra's reading was direct, to the point, and ultimately supportive. While it was not necessarily a predictive reading, she helped me to see the potential outcome if I changed none of my behavior. And not only that, but she helped me to identify the patterns that I need to disrupt. The reading hit me deep, but in a very necessary way. Cassandra knows that life isn't all sunshine and roses, and she will be honest about the outlook. She is direct, but compassionate. Highly recommend a reading from her!"
                   Abbie Plouff,

Cassandra guided me through my first reading: what an experience! I was shocked by how introspectively helpful it was. I would strongly suggest anyone struggling with major life adjustments/decisions to work with Cassandra. She's a gem!

Jack S.