Cassandra Snow

Magickal. Practical. Radical.

Tarot for everyone. Yes: literally everyone.

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I asked a question I had been afraid to ask for a while, and Cassandra's reading was direct, to the point, and ultimately supportive. While it was not necessarily a predictive reading, she helped me to see the potential outcome if I changed none of my behavior. And not only that, but she helped me to identify the patterns that I need to disrupt. The reading hit me deep, but in a very necessary way. Cassandra knows that life isn't all sunshine and roses, and she will be honest about the outlook. She is direct, but compassionate. Highly recommend a reading from her!"
                   Abbie Plouff,

Cassandra guided me through my first reading: what an experience! I was shocked by how introspectively helpful it was. I would strongly suggest anyone struggling with major life adjustments/decisions to work with Cassandra. She's a gem!

Jack S.,