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Cassandra Snow is a tarot card reader, writer, and theater artist professionally. This website is focused on her life in tarot, with substantial references to witchcraft, LGBTQ+ community, and chronic illness.

My May Wrap Up! (A week late, but...)

Hello beautiful readers! Thank you so much for continuing to bear with me as my schedule and health make my posting schedule a little erratic. I'm really happy about those of you who have sought me out or have been keeping up here. SO here is a little bit about where I've been:

  • I'm still watching this little guy (Parker) in this cute little yard and am for June too, which means...(UGH) house hunting time is upon me since the man who's house and dog this is will want his life back when he's back from Italy.
  • I put together a one-act festival (with my business partner and our managing director, of course)! Which meant many silly prop adventures, rehearsal, tech, and now we are happily situated in performance mode. Check us out this weekend if you haven't!
Postcard image for my one act festival! Image by Edie Berry.

Postcard image for my one act festival! Image by Edie Berry.

  • Remembered "me time" and "QPP time" are essential to my well being. Game nights, afternoons reading in the yard, and many adventures in my favorite neighborhoods of the city abounded.
  • Read at the Eye of Horus a couple times a week still. I love this store and my "work family" so much. A lot of us are having a really hard time and instead of being annoyed or getting crappy at our jobs like a lot of places I've worked or had steady gigs, everyone's looking out for each other. Plus my clients there are some of the smartest, realistically idealistic, life-affirming people I know. I've left more than one shift feeling as touched by my clients as I hope they are by me.
  • This one adventure in particular where my friend Paul had a really bad day so we ended up getting kicked out of a bar (it's not as cool as it sounds--it was a stolen wallet/therefore no ID issue) that was really hilarious and reminded me how crucial belly laughs are for healing from crappy days.
  • WTF Comics Club meant I officially stopped putting off Neil Gaiman's Sandman. This was a nice primer and I'm so ready to jump in now.
  • I learned to etch glass and made glasses for Gadfly! They turned out so cute and I'm so excited about learning a new thing.
  • GADFLY SOLD OUT A SHOW! This has only happened twice before, in smaller venues than this. But we filled Bryant Lake Bowl and even had to turn people away! (Including some good friends of mine, which I still feel bad about). It was our sporadic Drunk Queer History event where a drunk storyteller tries to teach about important moments in queer history, and then improv artists have to act it out based solely on the storyteller's take. It's the most fun and it keeps succeeding, so we're going to keep doing it.
  • I SAW HEART AND JOAN JETT LIVE. IT WAS AMAZING. The concert was in Hinckley, and two of my very best friends (this super cute vegan married couple who run their own farm) and I made the trek and had a blast. I always adore Joan Jett, but Heart shocked me with how amazing the were live.
Me waiting for Heart in Hinckley. SO WORTH THE WAIT.

Me waiting for Heart in Hinckley. SO WORTH THE WAIT.

  • THEN came tech week, which bleeds over into June a little, and is also why this is late. In addition to tech-ing FIVE shows, we also did a fundraiser at one of my favorite pizza places. To theme it to the shop and our festival, our managing directors brought little Batman mask cut outs and things. AND My dear friend Taylor let me play with these glasses, which gave us some much needed giggles.

That's basically it! I had some adventures, some quiet nights in (they were necessary), and I kicked two bucket list concerts and one "to read/to start reading" off my list in addition to my client docket, promoting a festival, putting together a festival, running a fundraiser, writing about arts and tarot and such, and taking care of three animals who do NOT get along. WHEW. I am so unbelievably grateful for the love people shared with me this month though. With my health the way it is, I honestly wondered if I could pull all of this off--then my friends started dropping off food, my company members started excusing me from rehearsals I didn't need to be at, and my queerplatonic life partner bought me a couple cute dresses and pulled more than the necessary weight to make sure it all worked out since it was my health on the fritz this time. I am dumbfounded by how blessed and loved I feel, and so, so, so grateful that the feeling overwhelms me and brings me near tears constantly. THANK you if you were a part of my super chaotic May, and if not--wishing you all the blessings I have found.

Finally, my additional reading recommendations are: any of Anna Bongiovanni's printed 'zines or collections, The Fairyland Series by Catherynne Valente (Finally finished the final one and literally cried for an hour because it was over. And because it was beautiful), and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent by Julia Alvarez.

Watching Recommendations: I literally only care about Orphan Black right now.

Until next time!

Blessed Be,

Cassandra Snow