Cassandra Snow

Magickal. Practical. Radical.

Cassandra Snow is a tarot card reader, writer, and theater artist professionally. This website is focused on her life in tarot, with substantial references to witchcraft, LGBTQ+ community, and chronic illness.


Early in 2016, something in my tarot practice shifted. The world around me was quickly embracing tarot and witchcraft as a valid form of spiritual and emotional growth, and I no longer wanted to just read. I wanted to use my decade and a half of tarot experience (and my near decade running a business) to teach others how to find their way with the cards too. Since incorporating tarot lessons and classes as a core part of my business, I have taught in Minneapolis at The Future, The Eye of Horus, Patrick's Cabaret, and even The Smitten Kitten.  Currently I am prepped and ready to jump in and teach the following classes:

  • Tarot 101 for Creatives, a class where we use creativity, art analysis, and our own perception and hunches to learn any tarot deck or develop existing relationships with decks further. This is a beginner's class, but all are welcome so long as you come with an open mind. 
  • Queering the Tarot, a class where we take a deep hard look at the standard tarot interpretations and queer them up! This class includes deconstructing the gender binary so common in the courts, learning the tarot for activism and collective purposes, and learning to use the tarot for healing and empowerment as marginalized people. Total beginners and more seasoned readers welcome.
  • Sex & Tarot, is an incredibly sex-positive look at the tarot. We dig deep into healing from sexual trauma and finding a way to liberate ourselves from sex-shaming upbringings and points of view, but we end with some fun spreads geared towards helping us have more or better sex. Total beginners and more seasoned readers welcome.
  • How to Freelance or Run a One-Person Business For a Living, Really for Real is a class I teach that delves into the realities of freelancing and running your own business (taxes, avoiding isolation, feast-or-famine swings) and teaches everything from how to develop a mission and vision for your work to how to develop a business plan to how to get (and keep!) clients, audience, or buyers. 

All of these classes adjust after every turn based on feedback from attendees, but are generally ready to go.
To learn more about how to bring me to your business or organization to teach one of these classes, simply e-mail me at to discuss rates and availability.

In addition to this menagerie of classes, I am always excited and eager to develop new ones. If you have a tarot class in mind and want to know if I'm a good fit to teach, just reach out at that same e-mail address and let's get the ball rolling! (If I don't feel I'm a good fit, I've got a slew of recommendations for local teachers for you, so never hesitate to e-mail.)

I also teach tarot one-on-one to individuals at the same rate as tarot sessions with me ($40 per half hour/$75 for an hour) and if you sign up and pay for a block of sessions at once, you'll get some sweet worksheets at no extra cost to help you grow on your tarot path in between sessions.  

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: I'm now doing some small biz coaching for artists and metaphysical types for sliding scale starting at just $25 an hour (+ the cost of coffee if we meet somewhere publicly). Worksheets included at no cost! This is coming after many requests and I have several coachees under my belt already. I love this work and am happy to offer it low cost while I'm finding my footing as a coach.