Cassandra Snow

Magickal. Practical. Radical.

Cassandra Snow is a tarot card reader, writer, and theater artist professionally. This website is focused on her life in tarot, with substantial references to witchcraft, LGBTQ+ community, and chronic illness.



Because I could go on and on about tarot & why you should hire me—but it’s better to hear from people who did. My clients include people from all walks of life, including computer technicians, mental health bloggers, and people who read professionally themselves! See what they each have to say and then contact me today!

I asked a question I had been afraid to ask for a while, and Cassandra's reading was direct, to the point, and ultimately supportive. She helped me to see the potential outcome, and not only that, but she helped me to identify patterns that I need to disrupt. The reading hit me deep, but in a very necessary way. Cassandra knows that life isn't all sunshine and roses, and she will be honest about the outlook. She is direct, but compassionate. Highly recommend a reading from her!"

Lora Strey,
Meatbox Tarot

Cassandra's tarot classes were tailored to me. she saw what i needed and saw a way to let the cards heal me, to let me heal myself. if you've ever gotten a reading from Cassandra, you'll know what i'm talking about. her intuitive understanding of the ways that people try, and fail, and succeed, at living and healing and loving gives her so much insight into teaching.

i came into my practice not trusting my intuition or my knowledge about the cards, not owning my spirituality. what i learned from Cassandra were ways to trust myself and the universe; she showed me how to hurt without letting that hurt overtake me. she taught me how to let the cards heal me. now i can do that for myself, and i can do it for other people. because she also helped me find my voice.

classes focused on my specific artistic style- since i'm a writer, i wrote tarot. i wrote my stories and the stories of people who i read for. i wrote the stories of the tarot. and after deepening my knowledge of the cards themselves and the archetypes that speak to me, Cassandra directed me to other people's interpretations.

take a class with Cassandra. she's a deeply intuitive, caring, and creative teacher with the knowledge and spirit to give you what you need.

Jack S.
Wedge Tech

Cassandra guided me through my first reading: what an experience! I was shocked by how introspectively helpful it was. I would strongly suggest anyone struggling with major life adjustments/decisions to work with Cassandra. She's a gem!

Chad Shank,
Readings by

I first had a reading done by Cassandra on a spur of the moment thought while out shopping. Her reading hit everything on the head of what had been going on in my life. She saw energy that I was not even admitting to myself. She also correctly told me things that hadn’t happened yet at work, and boy were they spot on! Since then, she is a trusted reader and guide for me. If I gave specific questions, I know that her readings will give me the info and insights to help me choose my path.

Cassandra, has a genuine gift that has kept me coming back for years. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to interpreting the tarot and, as a result, is always able to answer any questions I may have about my reading. I've done both face-to-face and email readings, and my experience with each option has been nothing short of fantastic. Her readings are always informative, honest, and comforting. For first timers and those skeptical of the tarot, know that there is no corny psychic hoopla going on here, only legitimate expertise. 

Cassandra has a very nurturing presence. She takes her time getting to know my situation so that she may give me the best reading possible. What I find to be fantastic about her sessions, is her ability to recall what we talked about in previous readings (even ones that happened months and years ago). No other reader has been able to do this, or even remember my name for that matter! As a result of this skill, I have been able to see my progress with each reading going forward. 

Cassandra and her cards have helped me through so many important life decisions including breakups, relocation, career searching, and finding my life purpose. Her guidance and intuition have never once failed me like so many other gimmicky readers have. Thanks to her years of help, I got the courage to leave my comfort zone, end toxic relationships, and go after my passions. I now have an amazing career, a clearer sense of purpose, and an abundance of self-love. Cassandra's readings are a MUST, and I will continue to recommend her over and over again. Thanks, lady!" 

- DJH of Take Your Pills