Cassandra Snow

Compassionate. Practical. Radical.

In addition to rock solid readings, I offer coaching packages for novices and intermediate readers looking to learn how to read in a hyper-personalized, socially progressive, still hella witchy and compassionate way.

My coaching package runs around 9 months, with weekly meetings to start that taper off into monthly ones. $80 a session OR $1080 total if paid in full to start (which is a $200 discount!) You get some unique worksheets and activities to help you deepen your journey in between sessions and allow you to thrive long after we're finished. Contact me at to set that up and talk more about your current tarot path.

One of sessions also available for intermediate or advanced readers who want a crash course in queering the tarot, tarot for healing, or just to talk through some problem cards. $75 each, personalized worksheets available for small additional charge.