Cassandra Snow

Compassionate. Practical. Radical.

Blessed be y'all, and welcome!

"Cassandra gave me the absolute best tarot reading I have ever had. She was very intuitive and had the answers I was seeking. Cassandra was very good at making sure I was understanding the answers and allowing me time to take it all in. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a reading. She will be my only tarot reader from now on."

Jodie Treviranus

About Me: Hello all!! I am a proudly, radically queer tarot reader, which is so much different from just being a reader who is queer. Personal identity is literally who we are, and tarot readings with me take the things you hold most dear about yourself into account when it comes to interpreting the cards and helping you manifest your best life. As someone who is also chronically ill and lives with PTSD, I recognize the unique stumbling blocks that prevent marginalized people from success, but I also know the unique ecstasy that comes from overcoming them, the sheer joy that living your life as a form of resistance lends.

All genders, sexual identities, relationship orientations, and faiths are welcome at this tarot table. My identity-based approach means going right in to the "meat" of the reading, giving you accessible information to help you start making your needed changes TODAY. Unlike many modern, frank readers though, I refuse to shy away from the spiritual or "woo" in tarot. Life is holistic. Tarot should be too.

Tarot is one of the biggest passions and driving forces in my life. Over the years that's snowballed into a related passion: spreading my knowledge and love of tarot to others. As such, I teach classes on Queering the Tarot, Tarot for Beginners and I coach new and intermediate readers.

To see some samples of my work before deciding if I'm the reader for you, I do FREE almost daily readings on my instagram, and offer occasional specials and insights on my Facebook page. One of my absolute favorite twists my tarot career has taken me is in writing a regular series called “Queering the Tarot” where I explore how tarot interpretationscan be tweaked for those who are LGBTQIA+. That series can be found at and